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The services we offer are directed at helping our clients achieve higher production availability in markets where there is increased competition and a need for greater cost consciousness. Our aim is to provide services which provide the bridge between engineering and economics.  Our approach is quantitative, allowing our clients to make risk-informed decisions. 

Our services include:

  • Equipment Life-Cycle Cost Analysis - Forecast of the anticipated through-life cost of equipment operation including the cost of preventive and corrective maintenance, spares holding and consumption costs,  and the cost of lost production.
  • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis - Determination of through life availability of units, plants, and fleets based on the reliability and maintenance of underlying systems and components.  The effect of alternative levels of maintenances and spares resources are considered.
  • Spare Parts Inventory Optimization - Recommended inventory levels of high value insurance spares based on marginal worth of the spares to plant or fleet operation.  Required production levels, part cost, replenishment time, and acceptable risk of stockouts are considered.
  • Maintenance Resource Assessment - Optimized maintenance staffing levels based on importance of equipment to production and safety.  Crew size, mobilization time, and wage rates as are specialist and contract labor and materials handling equipment requirements.
  • Asset Improvement Portfolio Optimization - Development and implementation of processes, criteria, and tools to assist clients in optimizing investment in plant improvements considering financial, labor, spares, and scheduled down time constraints.  Recommended selection processes eliminate "gaming", resulting in those projects that are of greatest overall benefit to the organization.
  • Enterprise Asset Management Systems Integration - Development of systems and software specifications and requirements to support integration of asset management applications - e.g., condition monitoring, CMMS, equipment data warehouse, safety analysis, and RAM analysis, life cycle forecasting applications.  Development of technical and business criteria for asset management applications procurement may also be provided.
  • Equipment Failure and Repair Data Acquisition and Development - We develop and/or supply equipment reliability and repair data using a variety of approaches and sources including analysis of client raw data, expert solicitation, and use of industry generic and AOS proprietary data sources.

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