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About Asset Optimization Services

The foundation of Asset Optimization Services is based on over thirty years involvement  in the power, chemical, petroleum, marine, and defense industries addressing maintenance, spare parts, support logistics, and life cycle costs.

That involvement has included:

  • Development of numerous plant availability models using both simulation and expected value based applications.
  • Participation in large scale efforts to integrate plant condition monitoring, anomaly detection, maintenance management, and plant forecasting programs into enterprise asset management decision support systems.
  • Development, maintenance, and application of computer applications designed to address plant reliability, availability, maintainability (RAM), and cost issues.
  • Participation in developing reliability centered and risk-based maintenance programs.
  • Development of detailed requirements to support the integration of plant Life Cycle Cost forecasting applications into comprehensive web-based asset management decision support systems for use in the power industry.
  • Coordinating the developing of equipment taxonomies for a industry-wide refinery equipment reliability data base initiative.
  • Development of the Availability Cost Optimization Methodology software (ACOM) application for the Electric Power Research Institute.

Contact Information

Address:  507 Devonshire Lane, Suite 120
Severna Park, MD 21146

Telephone:  1-410-729-5681
Facsimile: 1-410-729-5341

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